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  2. Single-Positive Direct Fired Gas Space Heater(KWDHS)

    Temperature rise is about 85-110°C, best for poultry houses,pig barns and other applications where large ventilation is present.


    Working principle:

    The combustion blower starts to run after the thermostat calls for heating.Flue gas and circulated air are mixed and blown into the heating area.


    Technical features :

    ●Circulation System :Positive combustion system is better for buildings like poultry and pig barns.

    ●Combustion System:Positive combustion system avoids the danger of backfire.

    ●Flame-out protection and overheating protection to ensure combustion situation.

    ●24V control module and gas valves are safe and stable.


    Keywarm  vs  Competitors:



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