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  2. Unitary Low Intensity Positive Gas Tube Heater(LTS Series)

    Widely used in large space heating,agriculture buildings,greenhouses,outdoors spot heating and drying processes. Rate: 10-60kW, 9 specifications          available.


    Technical Features:

    ●Products of combustion are pushed through the combustion chamber for increased radiant efficiency and greater safe.

    ●High efficiency and energy saving.

    ●Reflector design is 100% reflectivity.

    ●Single and two-stage model available.

    ●Rates 10-60 kW.

    ●Natural Gas or LPG.

    ●Two-side separate reflectors mean more reflective areas thus high reflectivity.

    ●Totally endosed combustion Chamber.

    ●Separated control compartment.

    ●No maintenance required for permanently sealed and lubricated ball bearings of motor and blower.

    ●Direct spark igniting system with 100% safety shut off.

    ●High-tech step -opening redundant combination gas valve for quiet and stable combustion.

    ●Diaphragm air switch for proof of venting before gas flow and ignition.

    ●Self-diagnostic ignition module.

    ●24V low voltage controls.

    ●Heat treated aluminized tubes for combustion and radiant tubes.

    ●Stainiess steel turbulators available.

    ●Heavy duty couplings without leak.



    186 8814 8940