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  2. Patio Heater(LTS-Plus)

    Technical Features:

    1、Widely used for restaurant balconies,pubs,stations,food stalls,stadiums and amusement parks.

    2、Two-stage fire model available  (large/small): Flexible\Fuel saving.

    3、Stainless steel reflector 100% Reflectivity:

    ● Improves efficiency-more heat is transferred to space.

    ● Uniform heat distribution ,increasing heat output.

    4、Stainless Steel Housing:

    ●Head space is small.

    ●Make more heat reaches to ground.

    ● Increasing durability.

    5、Easy to maintain:

    ●Buckle design ,easy to open and close,maintenance panel.

    ●Reduces the maintenance time.

    6、Decorative grill:

    ●Easy to clean and maintenance.




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