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  2. ?Africa Swine Fever drying and disinfection system

    How ASF affects Pig Industry:

    ●ASF is related to the survival of the farm.

    ●ASF is a highly deadly,unsolved century virsu.

    ●ASF can cause scale pig farm  lose tens of millions dollars.

    ●The swine fever virus transmitted through transport vehicles accounts for about 45%.

    ●Cleaning and disinfection cannot completely kill ASF,high temperature can eventually kill ASF.

    Advantages of Keywarm's high-temperature drying and disinfection system:

    ●Heaters installed outdoors,burning outdoor fresh air,clean and safe;no need to build equipment room.

    ●Heaters installed outdoors without gas leakage safety accident;no expensive gas alarm system required.

    ●Unique upper return air and lower air supply system ,temperature between ceiling and ground is much even.

    ●Ground blowing,chassis and wheels are dried without dead ends.

    ●Tail circulation fan to thoroughly dry the interior of the compartment.

    ●Standard HRV(heat recovery ventilator)to achieve fast dehumidification and efficient drying with energy saving.

    ●PLC temperature/humidity/time integrated control system for manual and fully automatic full-rage drying control.




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