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  2. Dual-Positive Direct Fired Gas Space Heater(KWDH)

    Product Description:

    Temperature rise is about 85-110 °, best for poultry houses, pig barns and other applications where large ventilation is present.


    Working principle:

    The combustion blower starts to run after the thermostat calls for heating .The circulating blower starts to run after the combustion system becomes      stable.Flue gas and circulated air are mixed and blown into the heating area.


    Features(Patents available):

    ●Circulation System:Positive combustion system is better for buildings like poultry houses and pig barns.

    ●Combustion System:Positive combustion system avoids the danger of backfire.

    ●Combustion Air:Combustion air comes from outside to avoid hypoxia and insufficient burning.

    ●Control System:24V control module and gas valves are safe and stable lgniter and flame sensors have no contact with room contaminated air to avoid  rust and failure.

    ●Anti Cold System:Unlike our competitor’s system that must blow large amount of cold air before ignition,raising the possibility of livestock catching a cold,our system only blows a large amount of hot air after small combustion blower’s pre-purge.



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