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  2. Half-closed Direct Fired Gas Air Curtain(FM)

    Working principle:

    The heat exchanger tube is heated by high temperature flue generated by burning natural gas or LPG.The centrifugal fan produces high-speed air flow    going through the surface of the heated tube to have hot air blown out into the heating area.



    Shopping mall, airport,workshop,warehouse etc., It can be installed overhead  horizontally or on both sides of the gate vertically.


    Technical features:

    ●Low-pressure swirl burner leading to higher combustion efficiency and extremely low NOx and CO emission.

    ●Fully sealed combustion chamber protects the electrical components from high temperature.

    ●24V low-voltage ignition module,all troubleshoots can be easily identified by the indicator lights.

    ●24V gas valve,safe and reliable.

    ●The combustion fan is an induction motor with low noise and stability.

    ●DSI and flame sensor.

    ●Extinguishing protection:flameout protection,fan malfunction protection,minimum air protection and etc.,

    ●Heated treated aluminized heat exchanger.

    ●Powerful 380V centrifugal heat exchange fan.

    ●Automatically operated with door opener.



    186 8814 8940