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  2. Indirect Fired Axial Heater (WAB)

    Indirect Fired Axial Heater (WAB)with temperature rise 28°C, widely used in factories,warehouse,supermarkets,offices,gyms,schools,exhibition halls,          agriculture building,food and paint drying. Rate: 44 / 58 / 88 / 117 KW, 4 specifications available.


    Product Description:

    Keywarm gas-fired unit heater offers a high efficient,extremely durable alternative to the traditional clam shell design.These propeller type units com-  bine the latest tubular heat exchanger and inshot burner technology with the quality and reliability.Units are available in sizes 29.3 kW to 117 kW.Stan-  dard energy saving features  like the direct spark ignition and power venting reduce standby losses and offer improved  seasonal efficiencies .The ther-  mal  efficiency is 83%.


    Product feature:

    ●Simply connect the gas line and power to utilize,without needing a remote heat medium.Comes with inbuilt frost protection and fully utilizes heat       output.

    ●Heats instantly,with no need for preheating ,rapid warming,particularly suitable for intermittently heating places.

    ●Gas heaters can be equipped with a temperature control box to control room temperature precisely,saving energy and maximizing comfort.

    ●Avoids the big temperature gradients,high energy consumption and poor heating results of the traditional way of  heating.

    ●Air heating is one of  the more comfortable methods of heating.Gas heater provide clean and dry hot air to heat the entire space ,resulting in tem-    perature uniformity.It has  the advantages of rapid heating and fast heat flow.

    ●Equipped with a flame failure protection and overheating protection device to monitor combustion situation and ensure safe operation.

    ●More efficient than the traditional 'tower' heat exchange and enjoys a longer life.

    ●Powered by nature gas or propane ,the product heats areas through use of spark ignition,an inshot burner,a tubular heat exchanger ,and a circulation   fan. All combustion  products are exhausted outside.

    ●Two-point suspension mounting,allowing for exhaustion through the sidewall or celling.



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