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  2. High Intensity Ceramic Tile Heater ( HTC Series)

    With air and gas mixture into the venture chamber to create a flameless combustion at the ceramic tile surface,the radiant surface temperature is up to   900°C to convert up to 60% of the gas input into radiant heat.It can be widely used in large space with high ceilings while minimizing operation costs,      such as industrial plants,hangers,workshops,greenhouses,farms and other large spaces.It is also ideal for spot heating and outdoors healing.


    Technical Features:

    ●Natural gas or LPG.

    ●Rates 9.5 kW - 46.5kW.

    ●Unique pattern high output ceramics.

    ●Reliable Direct Spark Ignition with 100% gas valve shut off.

    ●Entire construction is non-corrosive aluminized steel.

    ●High-polished aluminum reflector maximizing radiant efficiency.

    ●Modular burner head construction.

    ●Stainless steel venture and aluminized steel burner.

    ●Performance enhancing screens on all models.

    ●15°-35° tile mounting.



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